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This issue starts out with managing editor of Blaze Comics Skip Andrews getting frustrated over the comic business. Then he gets the idea to write a book about Booster Gold.

Meanwhile...Booster is in a athletic club working out and talking to Conrad. Conrad is trying to make a deal for a Booster Gold Movie. As they talk Booster goes from his workout to the locker room to the lobby. The whole time people say hi to him and greet him you can tell Booster has been going to this club a lot. Even the senator is there but he keeps getting Booster's name wrong. After Booster corrects the senator that his name is not Buster, he orders a Spa Shake. This is important because a mysterious man named Myron collects the glass for fingerprints. He works for a yet unknown man.

Later Booster has a literal run in with Blackguard and some 1000 cronies. Booster and skeets take quick care of them and find out that they were stealing a satellite guidance system from S.T.A.R. Labs. They go to return the device and are ambushed by Mindancer. The issue leaves Booster on the ground unable to get up.

A side story is Skip gets a hold of Boosters agent Dirk Davis about the comic book deal. Also Booster's secretary Trixie Connors tries to get in touch with the Justice League. Booster really wants to get in the league. Trixie is a.k.a. Goldstar.

There is also an appearance of Henry Ballard a.k.a. the Director.

Below is a point by point account of what happens on the first couple pages. It's not exactly a summery but I didn't want to erase someone's work.

Metropolis. The "Blaze Comics" office of Skip Andrews... Where it's so quiet, you can hear the sales figures drop.

Skip sits at his desk, slumped over several pages of unfinished artwork. Short pencils and half-empty cups of coffee litter his desk. His messy hair falls in his face as he opens a new pack of Rolaids.

"Another day, another Rolaid. I've taken so many of these, my stomach has a whiter coating than the slopes at Aspen," he narrates to himself. "How do I spell relief? A-R-T-W-O-R-K. Will somebody puh-lease call Marty and ask him exactly when he's bringing his latest opus?"

Why did I sign on as managing editor anyway? I could've taken a job with a less nerve-wracking outfit -- he ponders, -- like the bomb squad!

A woman lurks by Skip's doorway, a frown staining her face.

"Skip? I got in touch with Marty. He's not coming in with the Astro Teens pencils today..." Skip's head sinks as she continues. "He says he stuck the wrong end of his pencil into the electric sharpener and got the shock of his life. His hair won't stop standing on end."

Skip smirks. "Tell him he should see mine. I'm tearing it out in clumps."

The woman leaves his office, and Andrews stands, kicking over a small trash-can by his desk.

"That's the tenth book that'll ship late this month!The distributors are going to let me hear about this!"

His face scowls as his mind searches for a solution. "And for what? Another book that will only be an average seller! I need something that will really catch on... Not like Commander Courageous or the Astro Teens... But something that will really give us that boost we're looking for!"

Skip glances down at his newspaper, the headline reads 'Booster Gold -- Hottest New Hero!'

"B-b-b-boost? Heyyy... You know... It's not a bad idea!"

Meanwhile, at the Metropolis Athletic Club...

Two men make their laps around the gym-room, chatting as they go.

"So it's $2,500,000 for 'Booster Gold the Motion Picture', but $5,000,000 for each sequel! Whadday' say, Booster?"

"Don't make my sides ache, Conrad. You know this thing'll be bigger than 'Gremlins, 'Goonies', and 'Gone with the Wind'! $5,000,000 to start."

A woman on a stationary bike smiles at Booster Gold as he passes. "Hi, Booster! How's it going?"

"Smooth as silk, Tanya."

Booster's jogging partner wheezes. "$5,000,000...? Ridiculous! $3,500,000 and you can play yourself!"

"I expected to play myself!" Booster flashes an arrogant smirk. "Throw in of merchandising and points!"

"Merchandising? Points?? We don't give that to Stallone!" Booster and the negotiator make their way to the locker room.

"Can Stallone pick up a car and demolish it with one hand?" He hands a towel to his flustered companion.

An unnamed Senator amkes his way past the duo. "Good to see you, Buster!"

"That's Booster, Senator!" Gold flashes another charming smile.

"Look," says the negotiator reluctantly, "I'll go as far as $4,250,000. That's it."

Booster jumps out of the shower, drying off. "That's a shame, Conrad! I'll just have to do as my agent advised me and sign with Universal instead!"

"Gaaak! Universal!? Okay, okay! $5,000,000 plus 10% of merchandising and points. Deal?"


Booster emerges from the lockers, donned in his full costume.

"... You drive a hard bargain!"

Booster clips on his cape, and smiles for the crowd outside the locker room. "Now, about that sequel we mentioned. I think 'Booster Gold II' sounds too ordinary, don't you? How about... 'Booster Gold: The Legend Lives On!'"

Ohhh, boy! Booster ponders, Just when you thought it would be safe to go back to the bargaining table...!

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