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Recruited by Viper in her scheme to take over the Serpent Society, Boomslang allied himself with Cobra and Copperhead. The trio were sent by Viper to poison Washington D.C.'s water supply, turning the citizens into snake-like creatures. They fought their way through the city to return to the Serpent Citadel, but were ambushed by Captain America, who quickly defeated Boomslang and Copperhead. 


Boomslang was created by Mark Gruenwald and Kieron Dwyer in 1988 and first appeared in Captain America # 341.  

Story Arcs

Although Viper abandoned the new group of Serpents, Boomslang and the others stayed with the Society. During an encounter with the X-Men, Boomslang attempted to beat Wolverine with his steel serpent-rangs, but Wolverine's adamantium was able to withstand the attack, and he defeated Boomslang.

As Cobra took over leadership of the Serpent Society, he sent Boomslang to watch over Diamondback at her apartment, waiting for the perfect moment to capture her and get revenge for her betrayal. However, Captain America soon found Boomslang, and the Australian villain attempted to escape. Running throughout the city, Boomslang was eventually gunned down by a group of teenagers. Captain America defeated the gang and rushed Boomslang to the hospital, where he apparently survived his wounds.

Boomslang later appeared at the A.I.M. Weapons Expo as a member of the audience during the tournament. He soon joined in the battle against Captain America after he had been revealed to be Crossbones. However, Boomslang no longer works with the Serpent Society.

Abilities & Weapons

Boomslang throws steel serpent-rangs as weapons and is formidable in hand-to-hand combat.

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