Review: 7 Psychopaths #1 of 3

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If you are looking for a historical "what if," this might be what you have been waiting for... 

The Good

In school, my favorite class was history class. I loved reading my text books and delving into the historical content in them, getting lost in all of the excitement. I realize that history isn't really for everybody, but if you enjoy it, then chances are you will appreciate this comic. 7 Psychopaths is a World War II, "what if" hypothetical scenario that poses the question, "what if Hitler had been murdered in order to end WW II?" The story leaves the reader on the edge of their seat as Professor Joshua Goldschmidt and Colo. Thompson embark on a journey to find seven people who are crazy enough to attempt the assassination of one of history's most infamous tyrants. The pace is perfect and full of excitement and will leave you wishing you didn't have to wait for the release of issue #2. 

The Bad

Some of the coloring took away from the rough pencils in this issue. Some panels were jaw dropping while other left something to be desired. Being that the comic is the first of only three issues, it does feel a bit rushed, which might explain why I was left with so many questions. 

The Verdict - 4.5/5

This comic is well written and overall well paced. It is smart, exciting and will leave you wanting more. 
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Inglorious Bastards anyone?

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Doesn't seem to be a very original idea.  Reminds me of The Dirty Dozen on a broader scale or even Inglorius Basterds which essentially had the same plot.  I applaud you on copying the plot Mr. Vehlmann....

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