Hawks of Outremer 1 of 6 Review

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Here's the full review  http://playeraffinity.com/comic-reviews/Boom-Hawks-of-Outremer-1.html 

 Another of Robert E. Howard's creations, Cormac Fitzgeoffrey, makes his way to comics. Fitzgeoffrey is a warrior set in the time of the crusades, and he is a man that takes no shit from anyone. Besides sharing the same creator, Cormac also shares a lot of the same attitude from another one of Howard's creations: Conan. Whereas Conan is a conqueror, Fitzgeoffrey is more of a Knight without a King. He is loyal to men that he dubs worthy and gives little thought of those who are not.

The beginning of the story finds Fitzgeoffrey approaching an   and scaring the living daylights out of a soldier standing guard. The guard informs him that he's supposed to be dead. Cormac, being the caring sort, picks the guard up by the throat and asks who's inside the   that would be important enough to guard. The trembling man answers, "Sir Rupert de Vaile of  ." This pleases Cormac as there are not too many people he considers friends, but Sir Rupert could be counted amongst those few.

Rupert heartily greets Cormac and is glad to see the stories of his death were greatly exaggerated. The two begin to catch up with each other as Cormac explains how he first came to be in the crusades. After explaining that he joined for a friend, Cormac recounts a time he was fighting solo through an army of Turks. It was in that battle that he met King Richard and saved him from being over taken. Richard asks him who his master is, to which Cormac responds: none. Richard then asks what he thinks about him being his master, in which Cormac gives him a backhanded compliment, but also tells him no in the same breath.

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