"Die Hard," The Comic Book?

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Many of you probably have an affinity for one of Bruce Willis' biggest hit movies, Die Hard; the story of John McClane, a New York City cop who " gives terrorists a taste of their own medicine ' when he fights to save hostages in an Los Angeles office building. The action packed thriller that was nominated for four Oscars, will now be taken from film to comic panels, courtesy of Boom! Studios . The comic book will be titled "Die Hard: Year One" and will be telling the origin story of the Willis' beloved character. In an interview with MTV news , writer/artist Howard Chaykin revealed what we can expect from the sequel.

“We’re dealing with McClane as a 23-year-old Marine veteran, new to the force from Queens, just loving his job,...The series is going to explain exactly how he got his gold shield...What we’re doing is hitting the high points of the drama of the 1970s and using them as the background and springboards for the issues,...The first four-issue arc takes place on the Bicentennial — the Fourth of July in 1976...The great irony of the Bicentennial celebration is that it was at a time when New York City was kind of a scary place and the rest of the country really hated New York,...So the irony of the 200th birthday of the United States being celebrated in a place that was regarded as a sodomite hell-hole wasn’t lost on anyone."

Sounds pretty cool, right? Chaykin, who will be scripting the new series, grew up in New York City around the time when all of this was happening. Having lived through the rough time period in New York, Chaykin will be able to give a real perspective and accurate account of what life was like for someone around McClane's age at that time. Chaykin plans on giving a background to McClane's character  and eventually introducing characters familiar to fans of the "Die Hard" movies. I am pretty excited about this, not only because the writing sounds like it will be really good (as well as accurate,) but the panels that followed look really awesome as well. Check out the three covers to the first three issues, below. The art, in my opinion, looks pretty awesome. What do you guys think? Do you think you will pick it up? I think it's a great way to use a film character we are already so familiar with, and tell the story of where he came from and how it all began. It should be pretty interesting. You can pick up the first issue of "Die Hard: Year One" in stores this August.

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Wow, this looks pretty cool. I loved the movies, and I think the art shown looks pretty neat. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this one.

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No... no, I am not overtly excited for this comic... *squirms in chair, and giggles with excitement...* ahem...

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I'm going to give this a try because it's BOOM studios...does Mcclane have a mustache in the one pic?

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Is that John McClane with HAIR!??? it must be set in the seventies

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I'm so excited and I just can't hide it

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This should be great Die Hard is on of my favorite movies

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That's an interesting concept.  Don't know, though, kind of on the fence.  I like Chaykin's work  so it should do well.  Great covers.  

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I wonder if Mr. Willis will be involved in any way shape or form, He loves that character and wouldn't let anybody muck it up

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I'm really looking forward to this.

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@Tyler Starke said:
"Is that John McClane with HAIR!??? it must be set in the seventies"

Don't worry he'll shave it by the end. hair gets annoying when its matted with blood.

Happy trails Hans!

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That settles it, I have to go watch Die hard now!
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@Tyler Starke said:
"That settles it, I have to go watch Die hard now!"

This is the part where I say...

YIPPY-CAY-YAY muther...!!!!

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@Jane McClane:

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This looks badass as all hell.

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**** me while i'm jumping! This. Looks. Freakin'. Sweet. The cover artwork by Jock and Johnson was a straight right punch to the brain by a freight train full of dynamite set to explode at impact.

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Oh my god. GORGEOUS friggin covers...

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Die Hard, one of the greatest film series ever.
Comic books, the coolest form of literature and art.

A Die Hard comic book series = words too awesome for description.

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OH S**T!! die hard comic! how frickin' cool is that!! anyone know any possible release dates??

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He was bald the last time :P

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good covers

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