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Alexander Wyvern never had a easy life. As a child his mother would lock him in closets so she could work on her puzzles. Once he even lit a match hoping his mother would open the door but it only worked after he was severely burned, and she beat him after this for being stupid. Having a mother like that it is no wonder why he turned out as disturbed as he did.


Bookworm was first seen in the Batman television series from the 1960's. Later he appeared in comics but, nothing like the original character. His looks and origin were very different.

Character History

Bookworm trying to kill the Huntress.

As an adult Alexander was described by others as looking like a ferret. He ended up being much worse as a mass murdering, serial killer. He killed 106 people in a successful attempt to fool the police with his clues. He would leave a clue at each crime. Later he turned himself in when he was done to prove his crime and that he was smarter than the NYPD.

While in prison, he killed two more men in the cells opposite of him and admitted to the murders but demanded that the police figure out how he did it because when they found him he was still locked in his own cell. After that he went to solitary confinement and stayed there until the NYPD asked him to solve a book written in code by the deceased Franco Bertinelli. Bookworm solved the book but fooled the detective into thinking it was something else. He then used the information from the book to escape prison.

The Bookworm then takes the book and uses it to track down anyone who could be a threat to him, putting a stranglehold on New York City. After he kills three people he sets his sights on killing the Huntress. He develops a hallway rigged with guns and camera made to take photos and shoot victims as they trigger tripwires walking down it. He even has another woman walk down it just to test it out on a live victim.

With the trap set he lies and waits for the Huntress, but she comes prepared and she is able to avoid the trip wire and then dresses like Bookworm's mother in order to scare him. The plan works so well that he actually runs from her back down his rigged hallway and is killed.

Deathstroke the Terminator

A character called Bookworm appears in Deathstroke the Terminator. He is a man who sets up jobs for hired guns. He loves his book and his house is filled with books.

Other Media


Roddy McDowell as Bookworm.

In the Batman TV series Bookworm was played by Roddy McDowell. The man who would become the Bookworm was well educated. He plotted elaborate crimes, and knew many words and literary quotes. Most of his crimes were based upon the usage of poems. He tried to kill Batman and Robin with a gigantic book. Bookworm only appeared as a villain in two episodes of the series' 120 episode run.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Bookworm in B:TBatB.

Bookworm, along with other villains, tried to escape in a massive prison break from Iron Heights but they were captured by Batman and Green Arrow.

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