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In her shop, located in a trailer park, Boneyard met up with Terror, who was looking for an arm for his next mission. Leading Terror to a refrigerator, Boneyard revealed a skeleton with a clawed arm , just like Wolverine's. Boneyard said it as just a coincidence, but Terror bought it anyway.

On a private jet with Terror, Boneyard consulted him on his next mission, and offered him the arm of a cross-trainer who worked as a hitman for the CIA.

Later as Boneyard was sawing open a corpse's chest, she was attacked by Sparks, Manuel, and Tony, who strangled, raped, and then killed her. Terror arrived at Boneyard's place and found her dead. He plucked out her eye to see what she had seen, after which Sparks blew up her lab in an effort to get rid of Terror. After Terror killed Sparks and his men, he returned to Boneyard's corpse and took her heart, replacing his own.

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