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It's like Bonecrusher has a switch. It has two settings: 'calm' and 'calamitous'. When in anything other than a battle station, Bonecrusher is a monumental and implacable presence. But as soon as the call to battle sounds, another, far more primal Bonecrusher takes center stage. Tactics, such as they are, tend to be distilled to "lower head and charge". Anything in Bonecrusher's way is simply removed: defenses, forestations, adversaries... nothing stands in his way. This being the case, Bonecrusher is often reserved for last ditch, no-win scenarios, as the sight of him thundering towards enemy lines, head down, has been known to turn certain defeat into victory.

Weapons, Abilities and Weaknesses


Headstrong sums up Bonecrusher's personality and also his greatest battlefield asset. THe crown of his head (in beast mode) is formed of a super-dense tri-tanium/tungsten alloy and an additional surface layer of bio-synthetic bone, making it resistant to almost any impact. Bonecrusher's horns are similarly reinforced. A launcher, located in the upper trachea is accessible in both robot and beast modes and fires thunderclap missiles that deafen and disorientate. Sometimes there's just no stopping Bonecrusher, literally. His charge is known to extend up to thirty miles beyond enemy lines. Bonecrusher possesses the beast alt-mode of a Buffalo.

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