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    His first encounter with a high-profile figure was when he encountered Catwoman in Gotham City after getting (probably stealing) his gloves.  She was very upset over trauma in her life and he was able to defeat her.  He planned to kill her

 Boneblaster first meeting (and beating) Catwoman
to increase his profile so he would be hired by major gangs; but during his victory speech he was attacked from behind by Poison Ivy's vines.  She beat him up, but then left him there, believing him to be unconcious.  In fact, he overheard Catwoman and Poison Ivy mention their general location, and tracked them down by finding the apartment with vines in the window.  When he smashed into the apartment he discovered not only Catwoman and Poison Ivy, but also Harley Quinn and a heavily drugged Riddler (who was being kept as Ivy's slave in retribution for a previous offense to her and Catwoman).  Boneblaster announced he
 With help from Quinn and Ivy, Catwoman won her second fight with Boneblaster.
was going to kill them all, and began battling them.  He smashed around Ivy's plants, and was only mildly dazed by Quinn's bag of tricks, but was defeated by Catwoman.  She won after realizing he was not very experienced in the use of his gloves, so she blasted them with an electric shock that short-circuited them.  Quinn, Cat, and Ivy decided to become teammates as the Gotham City Sirens, but Riddler has been awakened from his daze during the battle.  The girls ran away from the building, so the bruised and dazed Boneblaster was at the mercy of Mr. Nigma.  Boneblaster
 Riddler brutally beat Boneblaster
mentioned that he was a huge fan of Riddler, but Riddler said that meeting one's heroes was always a disappointment.  As Riddler approached him, Boneblaster asked "are you going to kick my ass?"  Riddler replied yes and proceeded to do so.  It is unclear how badly injured Boneblaster became, or how badly damaged his gloves were, or if they were stolen or not.    


Boneblaster has (or had) gloves that generate vibrations capable of shattering a skull, blasting through a wooden wall, or even destroying Poison Ivy's plants.  Boneblaster appears physically fit, but it is unclear if this is the case.  If he survived Riddler's brutal beating, it is likely he will have lasting side affects.    
Boneblaster attacks the future GCS

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