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The usurper Tarsil himself corners our heroes in what should be - will be - one of the biggest turning points in all of the Bone saga! Don't miss the adventure, fun, and suspense in this issue!

The revelation changes his attitude in an instant; the Crown, he explains, is the Dragons' deepest secret, an artifact that is the polar opposite of the Lord of the Locusts. He warns Thorn against finding it, predicting that if she, with a piece of the Locust inside her, were to come into contact with the Crown, it could destroy all existence.

Meanwhile, Phoney Bone has found the city's treasury, and despite the danger sneaks out with Smiley to raid it. They are soon caught by the Royal Guard, but as they are about to arrest the Bones, the gang of giant bees turns up and a ferocious tussle ensues. Gran'ma Ben hears the commotion and rushes to the scene to break the fight up, but the Bones have already been arrested and imprisoned.

At the city wall, Thorn reveals her presence to the Royal Guard when one of them assaults Tanael for setting up a Dragon shrine. Though Thorn only scares off the lone guard, he soon returns with a troop to arrest her. However, it is too late; Briar and her vast army of Rat Creatures and Pawans (over 20,000) have arrived at the city's gates, and the battle for the Old Kingdom is about to begin. And up on top of the gate, Gran'ma Ben quietly whispers that they are not ready.







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