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Brief History

Bombshell develops a special lipstick with a fragrance that hypnotizes men and allows her to blow explosive kisses. She uses these abilities to go on a minor crime spree with mostly willing victims. Initially she robs a bank, blowing up the vault with her kisses, then robs a charity marathon, and finally with the Mask now under control goes on a looting spree at the local mall.

Stanley's girlfriend Peggy realizes that Bombshell's lipstick only allows her to control men, with the exception of one man who had a cold, and so it must work through scent. She's then able to free The Mask from her control by putting a clothespin on his nose.

Bombshell is imprisoned for her crimes, and despite having taken away her lipstick, they take no chances and have only female guards work with her, and put a sign on her cell advising men to remain 100 feet away at all times.

Powers & Abilities

Bombshell used a specially made lipstick that granted her two abilities. The first effect was that it's fragrance forced any men in her vicinity to obey her every command. The fragrance had no effect on women, and only worked on men if they could smell it.

It's second effect was that kisses she blew had an explosive force. She could fire these as fast as she could blow kisses. In one instance she kisses her fingers, and then touches them to someone's lips and that caused a minor explosion as well. How this effect works isn't explained, but she does state at one point that direct kisses are much more powerful and destructive. Her blown kisses were powerful enough to destroy a bank vault and injure The Mask.

Even without her lipstick, Bombshell is routinely remarked to be stunningly beautiful and seductive.

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