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Spyboy & Bombshell

Alex Fleming first see's the gorgeous Bombshell as she is watching over him. She is one of three people that realize that something has happened to him when his Spyboy persona is first activated. She assists him against The Gourmet. When Butch is kidnapped she tries to reason with Spyboy hoping to appeal to his humanity but he doesn't seem to have any, which disappoints her. She does manage to convince him however and they follow the tracking signal she placed on the Gourmet's ship to his layer. After a bungled rescue the group manages to escape and rid themselves of the Gourmet (thanks to Mr Fleming and one of Bombshell's explosives).

Mr Fleming & Bombshell take Alex & Butch (who know nows about Spyboy) to S.H.I.R.T. Headquarters. After Spyboy's origin is explained by Prime One, he assigns Bombshell to Alex as his partner on a semi-permenant basis much to her chagrin. The first assignment for the duo brings them into contact with a duo known as Judge & Jury. Bombshell drops the device that brings the Spyboy persona to life and Alex manages to talk their way out of the situation. Bombshell is less than pleased with the new mission they're given and takes it out verbally on Alex, even dangling him from a very high bridge until he admits that he doesn't really have a plan.

Marta Hari identity

Bombshell is then assigned to monitor Alex at school and dons a brunette wig going by the name Marta Hari. She quickly makes her presence known by giving the school bully Schweitzer a super wedgie. She then announces to the entire guys locker room that she is Alex's girlfriend.

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