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The demon dog, Pooch, leads Hack/Slash's Cassie and Vlad to the dimension of superheroes where they hunt Bomb Queen's cat, Ashe. Her demon cat has split a dimension between realities, allowing the Queen's twisted and perverted slashers into Cassie's world-along with, worst of all, Bomb Queen herself!

Cassie Hack and Vlad have a problem, lately theres been a large influx of work for Hack/Slash inc. and its from the other dimension city of New Port. The team take on a seemingly endless stream of evil do'ers while Pooch is put on the scent of finding the demon who rules here so they can put a stop to it once and for all.

Pooch picks up the scent and leads the duo to a massive comic-book-bomb shaped building as the source of the evil. Pooch charges in and promptly disappears and Cassie points out they should stick together to avoid the horror film cliche of getting separated and picked off. They soon come under attack from new yellow-eyed slashers and their demonic black cat leader Ashe, who informs them the Bomb Queen's nukes the city trying to kill him and he's sending slashers into our dimension to take over the city.

Distracted controlling his minions Pooch knocks out Ashe and an explosion heralds Bomb Queen's arrival. She's come back to kill Ashe since while he lives the artifact of power, which she has inserted between her thighs, that she stole from him is not fully hers. Ashe takes control of Cassie and sees her history hoping to take control of Pooch since he is trapped in cat form right now.

Ashe turns Cassie on Vlad and Bomb Queen and as he makes his escape Pooch catches him and destroys his cat form. Destruction of his moral form ignites the full power of the artifact inside Bomb Queen. Cassie resolves to take her out while shes distracted in case she decides to unleash her evil on our dimension too.

Mid swing of her nail-filled baseball bat the Guardian Knyghts (Emerald, Turbo, Night, Big-ass & Lady Knyght) arrive to arrest Bomb Queen, still in the throws of her Orgasm of Power detonates the Knyghts into pieces. Finding the Hack/Slash team unharmed Bomb french kisses Cassie and tells her to wear something cute when she comes to visit our world and promptly flies away to lay waste to the rest of this world.

The Crew head back lamenting that now they have to save whole worlds instead of just taking out the odd slasher.

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