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"THE DIVINE COMEDY," Part Six"The final chapter of Bomb Queen’s battle with The White Knight " but there’s more at stake than a mere blood brawl. Mysterious origins are revealed leading to a trail of death and destruction. Now the Queen’s greatest foe... is the TRUTH!

In the bunker Dee Rail leads the new rampant Bomb Queen clone zombies outside where she powers up on a rail line and heads for Littleville.

Meanwhile in Littleville... Bomb Queens new gadget suit is taking a beating from the now evil White Knight. But of course she fights dirty and scores just as many hits back.The geeks discover that the Knights environment affects his persona and wiping Littleville off the map Bomb has unleashed his dark side. He and Bomb were clones created to control prison cities and are brother and sister of sorts. When he went haywire the government created a town of clone that were unrelentingly happy to keep him in check. They use a backup city to restore him to his good guy mode and Bomb claims the city as her own. The geeks then bribe Bomb into returning Kino as they have the control of the city locked in their laptop.

Bomb hardly cares and gives them back a battered Kino how was killed by Momma Wong's kids and puts them on one of her death trains. As they ride to their doom they relate that the city was surrounded byt a barrier that reacts with chemical x-05 which is in all clones and keeps them in or out of the town and Knight changed the system so the clones could move in and out but Neil changed it back... effectively locking Bomb out of the town forever. Just as all seems lost Dee rail shows up and saves them from the gas chambers.

Back in Littleville White Knight is fixing up the town but in a mirror he sees the scared and evil side he has deep inside.

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