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'THE DIVINE COMEDY,' Part Five-Bomb Queen lost control of her city, lost in battle to the White Knight, and lost her contacts in Littleville.What's a lost villain to do?She leaves her City of Crime to wage war in the City of Divine - but the politically correct Littleville has a surprise waiting for her!

Dee Rail and the geek find themselves in the underground rail shed when the killer arrives adn they find they are all in the same hidden facility that was the home to thousands of people but now its just our killers home. They run away from him and meet up with Neil in some sort of command center where they accidentally start some sort of test procedure.

Somewhere between New Port and Littleville Bomb Queen and White Knight clash. Bomb marches into Littleville and starts a wave of destruction that kills and destroys in her usual pervy fashion, finishing off with 2 massive town flattening bombs. Knight replies with the 'Fisting Hand of Hatred' which destroys her robot.

In the bunker the crew find partly formed zombie Bomb Queens and its reveals that the Shadow Government was trying to make copy Bomb Queen's to setup other Prison like New Port Cities around the world. White Knight was created to serve as protector but needed a dark side to be effective. That dark side grew and he became both hero and villain.

White Knight rises, now shrouded in a black cape.. he faces Bomb and states.. He's going to kill her.

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