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'THE DIVINE COMEDY,' Part Four Bomb Queen is forced from her city of crime and travels to Littleville, the city of divine. The extroverted Queen rips through the politically-correct town searching for the killer who framed her, and clues to defeat Littleville's Hero, The White Knight, who can beat her. 

Back in Littleville Dee Rail takes on the spree killer when he stalks her in the shower, expecting her to be a  limp-wristed local, and knocks him out and leave him with the geeks only for her to fall unconscious outside (Being 24 hours since she was near a rail, the source of her power).  

 In New Port Kino has been having a rough night, Momma Wong has her bound, gagged and naked in a suit. Lucky for her the bad economy means she avoided any customers using her. Unfortunately for her Bomb Queen arrives and is about to have her wicked way with her when the Geeks call with the news that they have the leverage she needs to reverse the embargo. 
As they finish the call the killer offers the geeks a deal.. He knows the secret of the White Knight and the secret behind this town. Mean while Dee Rail makes it to the tracks and get recharged and discovers a section of the hidden rail line. She touches it and gets a flood of images relating to the Shadow Government, Littleville, Bomb Teen and the White Knight. They race back to the house and find the house smoldering and no sign of Neil or the killer. 
Back at Bomb's T.I.T. HQ she prepares for her address to the people and we get our first look inside the Queens fortress. She attends an episode of  "Speak Yo Mind, Bitch!" and gets her message out but the host challenges her every step of the way, revealing she killed his mother.  
Meanwhile Dee Rail discovers the the source of the rail tracks, a rail shed with cargo trucks. Bomb takes a call from the spree killer who has tied up the hapless Neil taunting her to come get him. 
In New Port the ground shakes, and buildings split and fall as a very angry Bomb Queen takes control of a massive female shaped robot and charges off like a super villain to smite those who have tested her.

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