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'THE DIVINE COMEDY,' Part Three Bomb Queen licks her wounds after her defeat by the hero, White Knight. But she plots her revenge using the fanboys from Cape-Watch to uncover the hero's secret power. Meanwhile New Port City moves to dethrone the Queen and we see the debut of a NEW super heroine! 
Bomb starts to question the geeks and discovers it was them that blew her cover in Las Vegas. Begging for their lives they agree to get the dirt she needs on White Knight so she can take him down next time. The guys head back to Littleville while Bomb keeps Kino as a hostage where they meet Dee Rail the super hero they apparently contacted before they left in case Knight failed. Dee Rail and Neil have a history of him letting her down but he persuades her to get them back to town with the promise of showing her a rail line she's never ridden before. 
In Littleville the mayor is having no luck talking with Bomb and since she deletes his emails they make a video stating they are not going to supply anymore food and send it to BQTube... which they assume is a private line but turns out to be the broadcast system and is played to everyone in the city square causing a mass riot. Lucky for Bomb her energy bombs are fueled by hatred and as the mob attacks her she grows increasingly powerful, laying waste to the mob in moments. 
Meanwhile Dee Rail passed out at the city limits and the guys have been watching over her, she cant be away from the rails for more than 24 hours, but its only the next morning so she's okay for now. Dee reminisces of the night she got her powers, she jumped a train with an experimental project on it which crashed and when she touches the rail she became one with the rail network and fainted, waking up in an old couples house.. just like she did last night. 
the geeks have failed to find any useful info on the Knight and decide that they will have to solve the murders themselves and reestablish the trade links in order to save their friend. 
While they talk Dee takes a shower and the spree-killer slaughters the old couple and enters the shower room with a bloody knife. 







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