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'THE DIVINE COMEDY,' Part Two-Bomb Queen's city of crime is set to explode. Overpopulation has exhausted the town's supplies, citizens are on the edge of revolt, and our villainous Queen makes some drastic cuts - literally. With everything at the breaking point, any new problem could set the city ablaze. Enter the supreme superhero, WHITE KNIGHT! 
Scott, Neil and Kino having gotten jobs with the produce supply company are riding a truck fo chickens into New Port with the hopes of scoring an exclusive interview with the queen of mayhem. All the while White Knight is flying in to see if he can find any clues to the serial killer plaguing Littleville. 
Bomb arrives at the mayors office an in her usual style of entry she blows out a wall killing the repairmen stating how she has no time for the internet, forums and email. Checking up on the progress of the food supplies before she goes on TV later that day at the loading docks. 
Moments after she leaves White Knight appears asking for help with the serial killer case as he's been unable to find a prison or even a cop to ask in the city. The Mayor points out that all citizens are chipped and tagged and none are unaccounted for and that it could be one of their own who is to blame. After the years of abuse the mayor finally breaks and gives Knight a tip as to where he can find Bomb later today so he can ask her directly about the killer. 
At the loading docks Bomb is stating how good they have it when White Knight arrives hoping for an audience with the queen, who promptly blows him up. His particularly thick skin means he just flies right back assuming her attack was just a slip. Bomb punches, gases and blows him up again following it up with a battery of heavy weapons fire from around the city to finish the job. Bomb calls the mayor and gets the news of why the hero is in town and shes not pleased. 
At that moment the internet guys turn up and are instantly recognized as outsiders, who Bomb can't abide and is about to blowup, when Knight appears and seeing her threatening the defenseless destroys her energy bracelets and punches her out. 
The Internet guys get an interview with Knight for a later date and once he's flown away Bomb gets up, having pretended to be knocked out, and asks them to find out what Knights weakness is so she can kill him.  







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