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'THE DIVINE COMEDY,' Part One Bomb Queen is framed for a series of murders in the small town of Littleville. Trapped in her city of crime, the Queen employs a ragtag group of fanboys to discover the truth... before Littleville brings justice in the form of the ULTIMATE SUPERHERO!

New Port city is crowded, over crowded and more and more arrive every day to join in the free for all. Just as bad too many escape and infect other cities with their menace.

Scott Wherle, Neil King and Kino-chan are website owners whose super hero website is not getting the hits it should as they cant get a scoop that the other site cant get or steal from them. They come up with an interesting idea.. why not get a scoop on a super villain instead. They figure out that Littleville, the town next to New Port city, is totally crime free and must be supplying food to New Port and they can enter the city via that supply route for an exclusive on the Queen herself.

In Littleville a murderer slaughters a couple and seeds the scene with false evidence pointing to Momma Wong's. The Cops arrive and call in Mrs Harver to clean up the mess before people find out whats happened. Visiting the Mayor the cops want to discuss the murders they are covering up with Bomb Queen. Which the mayor is reluctant to do so they switch on a Smiley face (bat-signal like) signal to summon the White Knight and ask him to discuss the situation for them.

In New Port Bomb Queen has arranged for a job fair, which in reality is a death camp to help reduce the over population and supply meat to cure the food shortage. Ashe is not a happy cat, now able to talk and under the influence of Bomb Queen he constantly tries to get her to send him back to the underworld and take over the planet and be ruler of the world.

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