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Bomb Queen goes to Hell, literally, to fight for her city of crime! The demon Desarak controls the hatred in her town and the Queen wants it back. Will this final chapter be the end for Bomb Queen, or a new beginning for New Port City?

In Hell Ashe waits, reveling in the prospect that Bomb will cause a wave of hate and death with her war and how he will have his revenge on Lillith (the original Eve).

Bomb incensed that she has been killed and dragged to Hell learns that they are in the underworld and not hell itself and She-Spawn is human and wants out as much as she does. She explains that Desarak is an Earth Demon and tied to the mortal plane and was deceived into a deal where every 1,000 years he has the chance to become a full demon but he is needed in the underworld to keep balance and so a guardian is sent to ensure he fails the test, She-Spawn is that guardian.

In the underworld Bomb has none of her usual powers but does have access to Hellspawn powers. She embraces them and becomes incredibly powerful. She runs wild against She-Spawns advice, which as her plan and Bomb charges off apparently enamored with her new powers. Bomb doubles back and hears She-spawn say that without Bomb Queen on the surface Desarak cannot collect the hate he needs to ascend and that hadn't Bomb wondered why she was suddenly attacking other cities when she'd always been content to just deal with her own city.

Returning to earth Nyx finds Editor girl waiting and annoyed she was tricked into helping in the damning Bomb Queen. As they talk Bomb and Ashe appear beside them, alive and well! She relates how she found Ashe's lair, learned all about him and then found the source of his power, the artifact, that powers her energy on earth. She finds that he can return to earth with a system he has setup and once ready she battles him and turns him into his cat form, using the artifact powered by the hate of his attack on her, and offers him a deal.

Bomb then sends word to the government that she is standing down her forces and will pay for the damages she caused outside her city. Now on earth she informs Ashe that he will not becoming a demon for at least another 1,000 years as she has adsorbed the artifact (which now flows power from her crotch to her energy weapons) and Ashe cannot kill her without breaking his connection to the underworld.

Bomb Queen has her enemies clean the T.I.T. and strides around her city, once again it's queen and undisputed ruler.

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