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'RISE OF SHE-SPAWN' She-Spawn raises hell in Bomb Queen's town when the Queen's war against America spills into the underworld. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned...but can Hell handle the Bomb Queen?

On the outskirts of New Port City Nyx arrives and finds the altered runes are working and she can pass the magical barrier. She enters the city and is shocked by the depravity she finds there and laments the effect it would have if the citizens escaped into other cities. She finds an abandoned building to use as a base but is quickly interrupted by a yellow eyed teenager. It is a citizen under Desarak's control, he tells her he saw her enter the city and can take her down at anytime but confirms he is not yet fully empowered and leaves her be.

Nyx uses the location to create a base and uses a thread of the hellspawn's cape.

The media goes to town and does indeed misdirect the attacks by Bomb Queen as those of non-domestic terrorists.

Momma Wong arrives at T.I.T. wondering where Bomb has been and informing her the military has setup around the city, Bomb wakes up with no memory of the last 24 hours but feel like a wreck.

As she rallies the troops to defend the city a scythe carves up through the ground before Bomb and She-Spawn arrives to help them fight the evil in their minds or destroy them. bomb replies with a massive blast to her chest. Bomb continues her war briefing when She-spawn starts her attack. the two battle with the fight mostly going Bombs way until she thinks she-Spawn is dead, only to find her scythe impaled through her back and out her chest. She-Spawn creates a vortex dragging Bomb to Hell.







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