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Bomb Queen's plans to terrorize the Nation are ready to launch. New powers. New headquarters. New weapons. But the government is ready with a few surprises of their own. Unknown to both sides, a third party is pulling the strings - and Bomb Queen flips when she figures it out!

The black presence from the previous book licks a life-size puppet of our anti-heroine stating that it has lived since the garden of Eden and controlled the dictators and evil people of history and in Bomb Queen he'd found the perfect vessel.

Back at the Crawford ranch the military are trying to discover how the missiles got there and more over what they are aimed at. In Baltimore, New York, Tower City & Chicago citizens of New Port City are seen praising the queen and detonating bombs in public places. The Local super heroes attending and saving victims where they can.

At the Pentagon Hillstone starts a communication with Bomb over the attacks on other cities stating that they are going to cover up their involvement in their attack on New Port and the bomb teen incident by blaming middle east terrorism and then nuking New Port. Bomb counters with saying that if they want to try she'll send out more of her subject to cause even more terror attacks. And more than this... she wants New Port to become an autonomous state in the union. Making New Port the 51st state.

At the Smithsonian the agents are looking for connections between New Port and sources of evil and corruption when they are interrupted by Carrie Andrews, or Nyx, a witch whose coven has identified the demon Desarak as the source of the cities evil and killing Bomb would never be enough as Desarak would just choose another. The agents are skeptical but agree to look into it while Nyx finds a sister who will be able to get them close enough to Desarak to do something about him.

In Illinois Editor Girl (with the power to edit peoples speech bubbles to effect their actions) spots 2 of Bomb's minions in a playground laying land mines. She defeats them easily by editing their speech. Over a pizza Nyx brings Editor Girl up to speed. She needs to edit the text on sacred runes that will allow magic users to enter New Port city to fight Desarak, runes that have previously been used to defeat the demon.

In New Port Bomb and Red Cross battle, which is far more one-sided now Bomb has her healing and strength power. She brings Red Cross down with some ease.

Elsewhere.. Desarak is seen plotting his return and states that he molded the Bomb Queen through his disguise as Ashe!

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