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'INTRODUCING...BOMB TEEN!' Who is she? Where did she come from? What does she want? And, more importantly, will she turn our ménage a trios into a FANTASTIC FOURSOME?! Answers, yuks and salacious double entendres abound as Bomb Queen III concludes with a... er, bang!

Blacklight, now totally enraged, and has blood on her mind and planning to kill Bomb Queen and rid this town once and for all. Jen uses her bubble to prevent Blacklight's killing stroke and talks Blacklight down, reminds her of the hero she should aspire to be. Just then Red Cross appears and puts a gun on Bomb.

They are all distracted when a massive explosion goes off in the city. Red Cross reveals the details of the plot to kill and replace Bomb with a good clone of her with sup'ed up powers. Red Cross decides to aid Bomb with her background knowledge of the scheme against her in the hope of saving lives of the innocent.

Bomb teen is laying waste to the city to flush out her nemesis and Bomb obliges. They do battle in the middle of the street, trading fire with Queen's experience meaning Teen's attacks don't come close. She even turns her clones attacks against her by taking out a billboard with her Teens flaming arms and shoving her under the falling debris. Teen's body is far more resilient and she lifts the concrete easily and walks out unharmed.

Bomb kep beating Teen with apparent ease all the while describing how she knows about Teen's powers and backers and that 5minutes earlier she had Red Cross launched the nuke at the Shadow government base where the men behind the plot are and the machines that are giving Teen her powers are.

As Teen starts to die, no longer able to heal, bomb plucks out her right eye and Teen asks Bomb if she ever wondered why she has no memory of her childhood or past, how she can regenerate and explosions do no damage to her. She wonders if Bomb shouldn't take some of her DNA for use in the future.

Returning home Bomb is drunk and finds Red Cross in the ruins of her home with her computer wrecked and Ashe's body dashed on the floor. They talk and Cross tell Bomb she will leave her alone until the innocents of the city have been saved and that Bomb has an important role in this town but once the innocents are gone she's coming back to finish her off.

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