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'RE-MATCH!'-Bomb Queen fights the heroine Blacklight again - this time: no rules, no laws, no holding back - just how the bloodthirsty Queen loves it! Can Blacklight contain Bomb Queen's onslaught and the surreal horrors of New Port City's Crime Zone?

The house in ruins, Bomb takes questions from the TV crew. As the smoke clears we see Lina and Jen encased in protective bubbles along with the nuke... mom no trapped or fallen out of the Dark somewhere.

As Bomb questions the girls she notices the bomb is set to explode in 29minutes. Lina encases Bomb in energy and threatens to take her down until Bomb points out that in her town the people are on her side and if the town goes the crime just moves to the other cities. Jen takes the opportunity to slip way and Ashe is sent to find her.

Jen tries to find a phone to call Eddie but runs into her step-dad instead. He tells her he is behind the whole things, setting her mother up and alerting Bomb to the danger just so Jen would come back to the city so her can get a sample of her DNA for a new Queen to be made for the city. Her wings her with a negative-ion bullet that stops her powers while he gets the sample to inject into Occularium! Jens Mom arrives just in time to kill him with a shot to the head.

Lina and Bomb aren't able to hurt each other so Bomb uses a chemical dust spray to take her opponent down adn then goads her into a mistake of letting her anger bring her guard down.

Back at Bomb's town house Occularium opens and out spills a young female. She is Bomb Queens clone, seeded by Bomb King but failed to grown to maturity because of Ashe's intervention in his plans. She blows the building apart with Ashe inside and starts her quest as the good Bomb Teen, to bring freedom to New Port City.

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