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The battle for New Port City comes to an explosive conclusion! Bomb Queen is pushed to the edge and unleashes all her destructive fury against Robert Woods. But the politician has tricks up his sleeve and now Bomb Queen faces an enemy even she can't defeat, forcing her to launch the ULTIMATE weapon in her arsenal!                        

The polls predict that mayoral candidate Robert Woods to be the landslide favorite. While some in the community seem to support the current mayor, after the death of Ace Justice public opinion has moved from support of Bomb Queen to removing the super-villian from control. Bomb Queen meets with the current mayor and gives him the evidence of Woods involvement in procuring the super-hero Ace Justice.

Before the press conference to disclose this information can begin a new character appears at the event, it's name is Public Power. This large blue creature shows up to kill Bomb Queen, only its efforts leave large chunks of city in waste. As the creature destroys more and more the people's opinions begins to turn, seizing the moment Bomb Queen attacks the creature, initially unsuccessfully.

The creature makes a mistake and Bomb Queen realizes that the monstrosity is in fact Robert Woods, transformed. Quickly taking advantage of his weakness he is reduced from super powered to his ordinary former state. A mob, angry from the destruction and death he has wrought, quickly descends on him, blood fills the panel.







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