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Bolt begins as a TV star, but is never aware of it. He is a super-powered dog who pursued the green-eyed man, the evil Dr. Calico, along with all the evil cats, to protect Penny his person. However the producer never let Bolt know it was a TV show in order to keep him in character; he is the ultimate method actor. However, when shooting a two-part episode with a cliffhanger, Bolt thinks Penny is still in danger so he escapes from his trailer to find her and accidentally gets shipped to New York City. He is horrified to discover that his powers are gone and blames the styrofoam he was shipped in.

There he meets Mittens, an alley cat that offers the pigeons "protection" from her claws if they bring her food. She thinks Bolt is crazy, but agrees to help him find his way back to Penny when he threatens to drop her off a bridge. The two begin moving across country and in the midwest they meet Rhino, the hamster. Rhino is a Bolt fanboy and only encourages Bolt's delusions.

The three continue across the country, but both Bolt and Mittens are taken to the pound, and Bolt is unable to use his powers to save them. He then begins to realize that he's not a superhero and Mittens teaches him how to be a real dog. They finally reach Las Vegas where Mittens wants to stay, but Bolt wants to go on to find Penny. Mittens says Penny is just as much of a lie as anything else, in part because she was left behind by her family.

Bolt continues on, only to find that the show has replaced him and sees Penny embracing the new Bolt and he leaves. Mittens makes it to the studio in time to see that Penny still misses the real Bolt. Mittens convinces Bolt to return just as there is a fire in the studio. The new Bolt runs away, but Penny is trapped. Bolt charges in to save Penny, and they make it to a ventilation duct, but Penny collapses. Bolt decides to stay with her, but hears noise from the outside and barks. The firefighters outside hear him and are able to rescue them both.

Penny and Bolt both retire from the show and live in the country with Penny's mom, Mittens, and Rhino where they live an average life as a girl and her dog.

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