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Mitchell Cameron is something far more than human, trapped in the tragic guise of Bolt.His family wonders if the real Mitch will ever return, as the spaceborn enigma careens from one adventure to the next in ” A Bolt From The Blue”, by Steve Ringgenberg , Phil White, Rod Whigham, Bill Black and Ralph (Conan The Barbarian) Cabrera. Guest-starring Tara (Femforce future member ) Fremont, and featuring Janice Lawson, T. C. Fremont, and the villainous Dr. Rivits. Full color cover by Steve Lightle, interiors are black and white with graytones; 52-page special in standard comic book format.

This comic book features the characters Bolt and Tara. There are two stories in the comic, both involving Bolt.

In the first story, Tara, the daughter of a man who owns the island located off the coast of Florida, is an environmental and animal protector heroine character, often dressed in jungle attire. She is on the island when she encounters a man who wants to take the island from her father for his own personal financial reasons but realizes he must eliminate Tara to accomplish that goal, given her desire to protect the island's wildlife inhabitants.

Bolt literally falls from the skies, still unaware of who and what he is, he still cannot verbally speak but can use his powers. He becomes involved with Tara's efforts to protect the island.

The second story again features Bolt, whose memory is slowly returning, but in his travels to find clues to his identity, encounters both people who seek to use him and those who want to help, all the while protecting a teen girl who'd been bothered by some bad men.







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