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Bogeyman is currently incarcerated within Alcatraz prison, for his past costumed villainy. He was an enemy of the early Teen Titans (when Donna Troy was Wonder Girl). He went into the young heroes minds and tormented them physically and mentally. He truly enjoys using his power of invading young children minds, girls especially, Donna Troy states "he gets off on it--being in the mind of a child." The Teen Titan were unaware of how sadistic and perverse he was until he attacked an orphanage which led to three kids killing themselves shortly after the ordeal. Bogeyman is obsessed with Donna Troy, possibly because she was capable of breaking his mental hold when he attacked years before.
In a routine visit to the island prison of Alcatraz Donna, accompanied by Jade, is informed a prisoner she has a history with has requested to see her, the person being Bogeyman. Bogeyman is obviously creepily infatuated with Donna, calling her "my sweet one" and  "my lovely little girl." Of course Donna opts to leave the horrible place so Jade accompanies her. The Bogeyman attacks their minds. Donna fights The Teen Titans past and present. Jade sees all the people that she has disappointed. Donna is able to go into Jade's
subconscious with Bogeyman. When Jade is able to get her emotions back into control, she blasts the Bogeyman and are found lying unconscious on the jail floor.

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