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Sometimes gangs are formed out of necessity, sometimes out of a mutual need, sometimes out of similar interests ... and sometimes simply because no one else wanted them. Such was the case of Body Function.

Vicious Circle

For many years, the Chicago Underworld had been run by the Vicious Circle and the unquestioned iron fist who controlled it was Overlord. Then he was killed and the entire organization was thrown into disarray and into competing factions who all sought to assume the mantle of leadership.

One superfreak, Cesspool decided that it was his time to shine and immediately set about gathering about a power base to cement his eventual rulership of the Vicious Circle. In the end, he was only able to attract superfreaks such as Backfire, Nasal Ned, and Belcher; who all shared disgusting powers that led to them being marginalized by the rest of the Vicious Circle.

Cesspool Living Large

It was a case of overwhelming ambition and the ultimate blindness that they lacked the ability to possibly succeed. Dubbing themselves Body Function, this small-time group of losers were swiftly imprisoned by SuperPatriot and the Savage Dragon. The individual members of the group were subsequently folded into the Vicious Circle.

Mortality and time eventually took care of the group as one by one, they ultimately became causalities of various conflicts that brought Body Function to an end.

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