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Born Jake Bennetti, 'Bobo' was a criminal in Opal City several decades ago, He was a "plain clothes" villain, bank robber and occasional enforcer for hire. Jake was at one point given the nickname "Bobo" something he absolutely dispsise.He was sent to prison for several decades for accidentally killing his wife and her lover in a fit of rage, something he has shown great remorse for. He was released and tried to get sent back his first day out. But the sudden appearance of the Royal Flush Gang at the bank he was trying to rob, annoyed he and helped Jack Knight (the then current Starman) take them down. He has since reformed and was offered a job to be head of security for the bank and has acted alongside the many heroes who have come to serve the city. He was recently granted a special license to work in co-operation with the Opal City police department. He share quite a few similarites with Jack Knight, such as their similar tastes in music, tattoos, a distinctive love of the past and of Opal City as well as having similar first names.He fought a few well known Golden Age heroes, such as the original Human Bomb, Alan Scott and of course Ted Knight.

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