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Bobby Watts was created by writer Jonathan Ross and artist Bryan Hitch created team of America's Got Powers


Defeating Quarterback

Before his and his twin brother, Tommy Watts, birth a glowing crystal arrived to the city San Francisco, while nothing seemed to happen upon its arrival it was only after it vanished that its effects took place, every Pregnant Woman within a five mile radius gave birth to a healthy baby, who had been gifted with powers, as did Bobby Watts. Most of his life Bobby took care of Tommy and kept him safe from bullies and treated him fairly even though Tommy had been powerless. He eventually became a contestant of America's Got Powers and fought his way through to the final match against Quarterback, who he had been able to defeat but due to the amount of injuries he received from the fight, Bobby had fallen and was declared dead.

Inside the Battery

After his defeat, Bobby's body was taken back into a secret underground base and placed into the Battery, a machine that draws the energy off one and passes it on to others, leaving the body or person near death. But eventually the body is re energized and the process is repeated again.

While Tommy activated his powers, to the absolute maximum, filling and awakening every kid trapped and drained of energy inside the Battery, leading to Bobby's body to be filled with new energy, bringing him back from the dead. When Bobby awoke he witnessed Tommy glowing and surrounded by energy, causing a explosion that leveled the underground base.

Mothers embrace

Bobby woke up to find his Mother unconscious, after awakening her, she embraced him in a warm hug and along with Debbie, they witnessed that Tommy lay unconscious in the middle of a crater.

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