Boba's non canon death?

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I... Don't... Know. 
But I know it can't be for real, if this is going to follow the trilogy's storyline

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I saw a screen shot :P 
That's also why I said Non Canon tho. That's what the article said Boba Fett's non canon death. 

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Could be a clone...?
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@xerox-kitty:  It's part of the infinity universe, but possibly, also thanks for moving the thread.
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Um....if it's the first game, I'm pretty sure the "Ultimate" version is all non-canon, because Starkiller is supposed to "die" at the end of the story saving the leaders of the Rebel Alliance thus setting up the next three movies, and he doesn't become a Sith Lord in the end, that was an alternate ending for the fans to have fun with, but the canon story is that Galen dies battling the Emperor, giving the others time to escape. I have no clue about the second game though since I haven't played it, but this is what I gathered from the first game and what I have read.

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@War Killer:  Alright that makes sense, have some unofficial story line just for fans to have some extra game play.
I personally think fans would have like to see starkiller kill Jar Jar more then Boba >_>

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