Boba Fett Returns On The Next Clone Wars

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You've hopefully seen the trailer to the season 2 finale of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. You've hopefully seen our interview with the voice of young Boba Fett, Daniel Logan. On the next all-new episode airing this Friday, April 23 on Cartoon Network at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT, Boba Fett is back. Boba Fett has always been a deadly man of mystery. We know he wasn't always like that. Young Boba Fett was left to fend for himself after the death of his "father." Now in "Death Trap" he's taking the dangerous first steps on his journey from innocent to icon. This begins the thrilling three part finale.
Reprising his role from Attack Of The Clones, Daniel Logan provides the voice for Boba.

“This is a key time for Boba,” says Logan. “When we saw him in Episode II, he was just a kid. But he watched his dad get killed by Mace Windu, and now he wants revenge against the Jedi. He’s bitter and angry. A lot’s changed for Boba, even though not much time’s passed for him. I rewatched Attack of the Clones a few times to see how my voice sounded back then – I’m older and it’s changed a little, you know? I wanted to stay true to that original sound. But, he’s darker and more serious now – and he definitely has an edge.

He’s with the clones, but he’s not one of them,” says Logan. “He’s special; that’s how he sees it. And now he’s alone. He had a relationship with Jango, like a father and son. None of the other clones had that connection; they’re just soldiers, and now they’re standing in his way. And that’s one of things that makes Boba so cool, as a kid and as a bounty hunter – nothing stands in his way."

Check out the clip provided by Lucasfilm.
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I can't wait for friday  

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he looks mean
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I'm suprise that cartoon network is showing this, I mean it pretty much has child soldiers in it and they didn't allow the final episode of 08th ms team to air because of that reason

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@darth bul: His dad's head was chopped off. He has good reason to be mean.
@reaper2923: I think this proves that the show isn't necessarily geared towards little kids like some people think.
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Well yeah but 08th ms team isn't geared towards kids either but IDK
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clone wars= awesomeness. I love that show, and wish the movies were more like that

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