Boba Fett Appreciation Thread

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He is my favortite Star wars character, what do you think though.

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The Fett man is definately the best bounty hunter in the galaxy.

#2 Posted by The Angry Comic Book Critic (798 posts) - - Show Bio
@BoboKrypto101:  From what I've seen in the movies and in the Clone wars series I think he is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overrated as a character now I will admit that in terms of how he looks he's a solid 10 but for actually doing shit he's about a 2 maybe 3.5 I mean honestly he's built up as the ultimate badass but he's done next to nothing to prove it if anything most of his actions have done the opposite for god's sake the man was killed by accidentally knocked into the sarnac pit by a BLIND Han Solo after a very underwhelming fight with Luke Skywalker for someone with Boba Fett's rep I expected a lot more from him. Here's how Fett's character has worked from what I have seen look menacing as all hell but be easier to beat in a fight then a sleeping kindergartner now people have told me that he's a lot better in the comics but honestly I don't consider them cannon there is just the movies and the T.V Series and one god awful holiday special that shall remain nameless. 
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@The Angry Comic Book Critic:  Read the novels. Fett kicks ass. Oh, and it's a sarlacc pit ... just sayin.
#4 Posted by EdwardWindsor (14517 posts) - - Show Bio

Fetts loses in filsm are to two of the biggest heroes of the series and one was blind luck 2 literaly in Hans case. Fett is without doubt the most affective bounty hunter in his universe and is both a great mechanic and keen militray mind.

#5 Posted by The Angry Comic Book Critic (798 posts) - - Show Bio
@lazystudent:  Cad Bane has proven he's waaaay better than Fett as a bounty hunter in The Clone Wars Series hell the dude already took the senate hostage, Went toe to toe with Obi wan kenobi in a lightsaber duel and Infiltrated and stole Data from the Jedi Temple he's the best bounty hunter in terms of actually doing stuff and not just looking cool.
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@The Angry Comic Book Critic:  i disagree since the empire choose Fett as the genetic profile of their entire military force thats quite some backing really. Bane was an excellent bounty hunter but in terms of including everything from the whole star wars universe Fett has far more feets , and alot of impressive ones especailly in the novels.
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@CaptainSpider91:  Eh the spelling was close enough if you understood what I meant and as I said in my comment if it's not in the film or the Tv series I don't consider what Boba has done despite how badass it may have been to have happened in cannon
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@lazystudent:  Technically they choose his father Jango yes I know Boba's a clone of his father but still he had to be trained to do the thing's he's done and it wasn't the empire that choose Fett as the genetic template it was still the Republic when the army was made and I'm pretty sure in Star Wars Battle front 2 game that they said the Empire changed up the Template and instead used multiple people to create there clone army because of the risk of having the clones turn against them or something it was a while ago that I played it last.
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@The Angry Comic Book Critic:  your right on both counts man my bad. The clones are essentially Bobbas  but not trained to anywhere near the same degree. Jango taught Bobba well and if your a fan of the star wasr bounty hunters i would recommened looking into some of the novels based around them the Bobba Fett series is actually preety good.
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Fett is great. Definetely right there with Han as the coolest characters that aren't Jedi or Sith. 
Also I would consider the novels and comics much more cannon than any tv series or video games.
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my god jordan (or should i call u boba bobo) you are soooooooooooo full of yourself!! and people say im conseeted

#12 Posted by brantumbo (144 posts) - - Show Bio

i love boba. he is a beast in the novels revolving around jacen skywalker. everytime i play Mass Effect 1 or 2 i want my character to fight boba fett. or to be boba.

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