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Brief History

A movie scenery designer named Bob O'Bryan and his co-workers heard the news that IT, the Living Colossus was headed towards Hollywood. Bob and some of his men started on a massive project as the Living Colossus started its reign of destruction in California. The Living Colossus eventually reached the studio lots when it was about to crush an actress named Diane Cummings. Bob warned the aliens that they were finished when a bigger monster appeared in front of them. The aliens believed that monster was more powerful than It The Living Colossus so they abandoned the body of the stone giant and entered the other monster. Suddenly Bob ordered his friend to press a button and the monster the aliens were inside exploded. Bob's plan to scare the aliens into entering a fake monster made out of wood and plaster worked out perfectly. The aliens did not realize it was laced with explosives until it was too late and It The Living Colossus remained as an inanimate statue. Bob was also there when IT came to live once more and he helped the creature to become a force of good. His work in Hollywood also let Bob come into contact with the Avengers Wonderman and the Beast on a few occasions. Eventually, Bob became bound to a wheelchair.

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