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Bob Harcourt had a terrible youth. He was a young gay man in a Yorkshire coal mining town. When he came out to his father, he was beaten senseless and thrown out of the house. He was ostracized and abused, and decided to make his way to a better place: to America.

He spent a lot of time prostituting himself in order to get passage on a ship to New York City, and did the same while on the ship. Bob Glover had a great talent and penchant for buggery, and used that to his advantage. It was the way, after all, to his dreams.

His dream was to one day open an investigator's office - a Sexual Investigator.

He sold his services for twenty-two years, all told, to raise the money. When he met fellow sexual enthusiast Freddy Allen, he was able to realize his dream in San Francisco.

They handled all kinds of jobs, from drug-running to missing persons. Bob's aim was to one day be included among the sexual elite of the country, but he was happy just to make his way. America was the chance for him to realize his dreams, and in that, at least, he was successful.

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