Happy Birthday, Bob!

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Happy Birthday!

I'm sure the current kick starter campaign amount is a nice present...

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@The Poet:

We have more $100 backers than $50 backers! Who would have guessed that so many total strangers would be so generous. :D

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@lykopis said:

"...settle down and leave those strippers alone..."


So nice (and the piano playing too!)

Happy Birthday Bob - hope you have a wonderful day and year coming up.


Kevin is a doll! He was my boss at one time, when he ran Tundra Publishing.

That stripper remark was a little "The Pot Calling the Kettle Black" though...

...I once attended one of his parties, back when he was racking in millions of dollars a week...

and he had hired a dozen belly dancers to dance around a 5' high ice sculpture, filled with shrimp! LOL!

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@lykopis said:

@Roxanne Starr:

LOL --- oh WOW. Looks can be deceiving, he seems so mellow.

Wow woman, just what kind of life did you lead, hmmm? ;)

Too be perfectly honest, I wasn't paying much attention to the belly dancers. My "date" at that party (more or less) was the comic book industry giant, Mike Kaluta...


...so I was a little distracted. :-)

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And I second ... The kickstarter going so well must be one helluva nice gift ;P

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I just took a look at the backer list and there's someone there who calls himself "UTTER FOOL," who has funded 51 Kickstarter campaigns.

Maybe HE is our $5,000 pledger! LOL!

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