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Thomas Volney Boardman founded his London-based company Boardman Books (a.k.a. T.V. Boardman Ltd.) in the 1930s, which was responsible for the first British hardcover printings of Robert E. Howard's The Coming Of Conan, as well as introducing several American newspaper strips to the U.K. in the 1937 comic title Okay Comics. During World War II, when import restrictions prevented US comics being officially imported, Boardman arranged permission to produce cut down British printings of Quality Comics' Feature Comics and Smash Comics, plus British titles aping the US visual style, Super Funnies and Mystery Comics. After the war they produced new titles via their Popular Press imprint, which starred space hero Swift Morgan and secret agent Roy Carson, as well as annuals such as Buffalo Bill True West. They stopped producing comics in 1961, and closed up shop entirely in 1967.

In 1997 an unrelated small press US company also called Boardman Books reprinted some British titles, including some of those originally published by the other Boardman Books.

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