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He is the fastest Cybertronian alive. He is glorious, unbeaten, and adored by millions. His capacity for victory is matched only by overwhelming sense of self-belief and his all-encompassing ego. His celebrity threatens to reach heights that heretofore have never been seen. Yet, deep down, he is plagued by a need for something more.

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Blurr was always the fastest racer on Cybertron and was adored by millions but he never cared much for anything other than racing or partying and was completely oblivious to the political unrest that was going on on Cybertron. One day, the races on Cybertron are shut down due to the threats to the public, enraging Blurr and making him lose his purpose. His friend Piston would go off to join the Autobots and he tried to tell Blurr that Cybertron was changing and he'd have to choose a side eventually but Blurr ignored this and refused to become part of it. One day, he goes to a local pub which was virtually dead because of the war going on and here he met Starscream. Starscream told Blurr that he possessed a great power and many feared him because of it and that if he joined the Decepticons, he could have what he wanted. Later, he is accidentally caught in the middle of a battle and is saved by Ironhide who brings him to cover. Here, he finds the dead body of his friend Piston and is told by Optimus Prime that he died in battle. Optimus tried to tell him he had a great gift but Blurr didn't want to hear any of it. Kup tried to tell Optimus to leave him but Optimus continues to talk with him and eventually convinces Blurr to help the Autobots.

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