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"Wanting to Be One of the Guys"

At age 5 Blue was kidnapped by the legendary rainbow bird Ho-Oh that was under the control of the Mask Of Ice. Blue was taken to their base where there were 5 other children that the Mask was going to train. This wasn't all bad, Blue gained a friend and skills in the field of pokemon evolution. Eventually she became a master at evolving pokemon and gained the alias of The Evolver. One night Blue and her friend (Silver) escaped from the compound that the Mask Of Ice was keeping them at. They went there separate ways and Blue went back to Kanto. Since Blue had grown up in a rough environment she developed the talent of being a thief and only really caring for money. In Kanto, she witnessed the adventures' of Red and Green Oak, she wanted so bad to be like them that she stole Prof. Oak's Squirtle. Traveling with the boys allowed her to learn of companionship and how to put her guard down and to just be her self. At the 9th pokemon league she bumped into Professor Oak and was caught for stealing Squirtle. She came clean and was rewarded for her honesty with her very own Pokedex.

Blue's Fear Takes Flight

Being that Blue was kidnapped by one of the strongest bird pokemon she has a rather big fear of bird pokemon. She would always hate to battle them and would never really go near them unless she had to. In order to get to high places she used her pokemon that had no real flying skills to figure out a different way of getting up. Eventually she conquered her fear by going on a quest to capture the 3 Kanto legendary birds. While on her journey she had to face her biggest fear in Ilex Forest, face Lugia and Ho-Oh in a battle. This adventure was intense but, it was only the beginning of battles for and with legendaries Blue would have. Two years later Blue contacted her long lost parents, but in a sudden change of events she had to face Team Rocket and Deoxys in order to save the world.

Current Pokemon Team

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