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Yamura aka Blue Talon is a skilled martial artist from Japan that was hired by Damon Dran to eliminate Daredevil. Damon Dran held the Black Widow and a man named Danny French captive because they had information on an energy globe he wanted. Daredevil was looking for Natasha and Damon Dran wanted the man without fear dead before he interfered with his plans. Daredevil engaged Blue Talon outside the office of Danny French and remembered him from a documentary he made several years ago on the martial arts. Blue Talon was eager to test his skills and deadly blades on a skilled, agile enemy since he lost the delicate use of his hands. Blue Talon swings away but his blades could not draw blood and dies when he strikes a gas main and causes a small explosion.


Blue Talon was created by Gerry Conway and Gene Colan in 1972 and first appeared in Daredevil # 92. 

Skills & Weapons

Blue Talon is a skilled martial artist that wears a blade on each hand to slice and slash his enemies.

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