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Not all of the Blue Power Rangers have been in comics. Only the Mighty Morphin, Zeo, Turbo, and Samurai blue rangers have comic book series in the United States. The comics are not considered cannon to the series as far as we know. Many companies have had the rights to the Power Ranger Comics, including Marvel, Acclaim, and Hamilton. The most recent volume, Power Rangers: Super Samurai was published by Papercutz.

TV Series

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

Blue Power Ranger

Billy Cranston

In Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the first season of Power Rangers, The Blue Ranger was Billy Cranston(David Yost),

the brains of the Group. He morphed using the Triceratops Power Coin and commanded the Triceratops Zord, which transformed into the Unicorn Zord, The Wolf Ninjazord, and The Blue Shogunzord. When Billy was a kid he had taken a trip to the park and stopped at the lake and brought his sail boat with him. After he had set his boat in the lake he decided to try and recreat the whirlpool effect he had recently learned about. Billy stuck his finger in the lake and started to make swirling motions with it. This attracted the attention of a fish. Billy screamed and pulled his finger out of the water a fish was at the end of his finger, the fish had bit him. Billy screamed in terror. It would take billy several years before he overcame his fear of fish. He is brilliant and is a genious with technology. He usually can create machines to help the ranger's situation. He didn't know how to fight when he first became a ranger, but eventually learned and became a good martial artist. Billy stayed with the rangers even after he was no longer a Power Ranger and was like a mentor, creating Zords and Weapons for them.


Power Rangers: Zeo

Blue Zeo Ranger

Rocky DeSantos

After an attack on The Power Chamber, which utterly destroyed it, The Rangers discovered a secret underground base to

continue their fight to protect humanity. From then on, they became Power Rangers: Zeo. Rocky DeSantos(Steve Cardenas), the previous Red Ranger, became the Blue Zeo Ranger, commanding Zeozord III and Super Zeozord III. Rocky wasn't that vocal or focused on while being the blue ranger. He was second in command and was very impulsive. He was a great Martial Artists and friend to those around him. He was loyal and couragous, but at times didn't know his limits. He had various weapons including his Power Weapon, which was in the form of an Axe and the Jet Cycles each ranger had. He had a special power as well. This was his last run as a ranger and hasn't been seen again in the show.

Power Rangers: Turbo

Justin Stewart

''Hey Guys I'm The New Blue Ranger''

-Justin Stewart (Turbo:A Power Rangers Movie).

Blue Turbo Ranger

When an evil space pirate, Divatox, wants to use an intergalactic wizard to open a gateway to an uncharted island in hopes of marrying a living volcano, The Zeo Rangers changed into Power Rangers: Turbo. Rocky, the previous Blue Ranger, had hurt his back during a martial arts tournament, and couldn't continue his Ranger duties.

Rocky was replaced by Justin Stewart (Blake Foster), the first Power Ranger under the age of 12. He commanded the Mountain Blaster Turbozord and the Siren Blaster Rescuezord. Justin was a kid with a genious leve intellect. He was a super martial artists and showed it on the battle field. He was unique in the fact that he was similar to a little brother of the other rangers, but proved his merit in battle.

Justin was second in command at various times and was the brains of the crew. He was good friends with alpha and was loyal to the rangers no matter what. There was times when he would become sad because of the absense of his dad, but he quickly perked up when around other rangers, who were there for him.

He has returned once to help the space rangers, when they were in need. He also had weapons known as Hand Blasters and a vehicle called Storm Blaster, who makes the return appearence with him.

Power Rangers Turbo Vs. Beetleborgs Metallix

Justin vs Titanium Silver Beetleborg

Justin and the rest of the Power Rangers Turbo fought against The Beetleborgs Metallix when Divatox and Nukus tricked them with copies of the Power Rangers and the Beetleborgs.

Power Rangers: In Space

T.J Johnson

Blue Space Ranger

After the Turbo Rangers had to chase Divatox into space, they met up with Andros and changed into Power Rangers: In

Space. Justin couldn't follow the other Rangers into Space, however, and was Replaced by T.J. Johnson (Selwyn Ward), the previous Turbo Red Ranger as the Blue Space Ranger. He commands the Mega V3 (Rocket Voyager). T.J. is a calm, cool, and collected type of guy. He is a great leader and motivator for his teammates. He is also an amazing strategist and knows how to use what he has to the fullest potential. He is loyal and would put himself in harms way for his friends. He controls the Astro Axe and had a suspected relationship with Cassie, the Pink Ranger. He has made an appearance in Wild Force as the Red Turbo Ranger after he retired his ranger duties.

Blue Psycho Ranger

blue psycho ranger

During power ranger in space Astronema created the psycho rangers too drain the power of dark specter so she could take over as monarch of evil. Each psych ranger was obsessed with defeating the ranger of there cooler and each used a weapon similar to there ranger. They were defeated but latter came back with the use of a digitizer and were digitized into cards at the end of that episode. They would latter return in power ranger lost galaxy as the reason for the first ranger team crossover episode.

Psycho blue used an axe and was an ice like monster in his true form.

Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy

Kai Chen

Blue Galaxy Ranger

In Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy, the Blue Galaxy Ranger was Kai Chen(Archie Kao). He pulled the Quasar Saber with the

Gorilla crest from the stone in which it was lodged, and thus became the Blue Ranger. He commands the Gorilla Galactabeast/Galactazord.

Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue

Chad Lee

Blue Rescue Ranger

After the city of Mariner Bay was attacked by Demons whose own city Marine Bay was built over, five individuals were

chosen to battle the demons and defend Mariner Bay. Chad Lee(Michael Chaturantabut), an animal trainer working at an aquarium, was chosen to be the Lightspeed Blue Ranger. He accepted. Chad commands the Aqua Rescue 2, Rail Rescue 2, and Omegazord 2.

Power Rangers: Time Force

Lucas Kendall

Blue Time Force Ranger

When Alex, a member of Power Rangers: Time Force from the year 3000 and fiance to the Pink Time Force Ranger, is

murdered, the team tracks the killer to the Year 2001. The team tried to morph, but they needed the Red Ranger's DNA to unlock the morphers. When they met Alex's ancestor, Wes, who looks just like Alex, Wes morphs thus unlocking the morphers for the other rangers. Lucas Kendall(Michael Copon) is the Blue Time Force Ranger and commands Time Flyer 2.

Power Rangers: Wild Force

Max Cooper

Blue Wild Force Ranger

Max Cooper(Phillip Jeanmarie) is the Blue Wild Force Ranger of Power Rangers: Wild Force. He became a ranger after

saving two girls from Turbine Org. After two other Rangers successfully chased off the Org, the Shark Animal Crystal materialized in his pocket, making him the Blue Ranger. Max is considered the "kid" of the group due to his age and behavior. Because of this, he is always trying to prove himself, often leading to cockiness and aggresiveness. He commands the Blue Shark Wildzord and the Giraffe Wilzord. Max is a kind and joking type of kid, always bringing a nice tone to the room. He is very close to Danny, Black Wild Force Ranger, and would do anything for him. Max can be a bit gullable and naieve at times, but has a good heart with good intentions.

Power Rangers: Ninja Storm

Tori Hanson

Blue Wind Ranger

After the Wind Ninja Academy is attacked by Lothor and his Evil Aliens, Three remaining students from the academy were chosen to become Power Rangers: Ninja Storm. Tori Hanson(Sally Martin) was chosen as the Blue Wind Ranger, making her the first Female Blue Ranger. She wields the Wind Morpher with the Blue Power Disc and commands the Dolphinzord. Tori is usually the level headed thinker of the group, often acting like a mother to the other rangers. She is responsible and a great combat fighter. She usually figures things out fast and is known for her sarcastic comments in battle. She eventually becomes a Ninja Master, along with the other rangers from that season.

Blake Bradley

Navy Thunder Ranger

Power Rangers: Dino Thunder

Ethan James

Blue Dino Ranger

After receiving detention for a week, Ethan James(Kevin Duhaney) and two other students are taken to Dinosaur Museum by their teacher, Dr. Oliver(Tommy Oliver of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers). After finding that the museum is closed, he takes them to a forest and tells them that if they find anything prehistoric, he'll cancel detention for the week. Ethan picks up the Blue Dino Gem, making him the Blue Dino Ranger and giving him the super ability of making his skin impenetrable. He wields the Dino Morpher with Tricera Plate and commands the Tricera Zord. Ethan is a bit of a nerd, but a good person. He isn't very optimistic, but doesn't play around when it is time to go into action. He gets annoyed with situations, but doesn't let that stop him from taking care of buisness.

Power Rangers: S.P.D.

Schuyler Tate

Blue S.P.D. Ranger

Schuyler "Sky" Tate(Chris Violette) is the Blue S.P.D. Ranger of Power Rangers: S.P.D. He wanted to be the Red Ranger, because his Father was a Red Ranger, but after Jack Landors joined the team, he became blue instead. He has the genetic ability to create force fields and commands the Delta Runner 2 and the S.W.A.T. Flyer 2.

Power Rangers: Mystic Force

Madison Rocca

Blue Mystic Ranger

When a mysterious stranger arrives in the Town of Briarwood, strange things start happening. First, an old man asks for

help rescueing his brother in the Forest by Briarwood. The old man is really Udonna, a powerful witch searching for the newest Power Rangers. Madison "Maddie" Rocca(Melanie Vallejo), sister to Vida Rocca, the Mystic Force Pink Ranger, is one of the five people who responded to the old man, saying she'd help. Udonna later revealed herself to the soon-to-be rangers, saying they would be Power Rangers: Mystic Force. The team didn't believe it, and continued to search for a way out of the seeminly endless forest. After being attacked by monsters, the rangers had to defend for themselves, but were soon overpowered. Udonna told them that all they needed to do was beleive in magic to access their Ranger powers. Maddie said she believed, and accessed her power to control water in its liquid form. Maddie is an amateur movie maker, and is always seen behin her handheld camcorder. Instead of having machines as zords, Mystic Force has Mystic Titan forms, in which they literally change into their zords. Maddie's Mystic Titan form is the Mystic Mermaid, and she is one of the four rangers who transform into the Mystic Lion.

Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive

Dax Lo

Blue Overdrive Ranger

Dax Lo was a skilful, under appreciated, stunt double who was granted the chance to be a Power ranger by eccentric billionaire Andrew Hartford. He is the slightly immature and joker of the team and he wield Drive Vortex and drives the Gyro Driver. He also has the genetic enhancement to leap immense distances.

Power Rangers: Jungle Fury

Theo Martin

Blue Fury Ranger

Workholic, Theo Martin, was chosen to be the blue ranger of the Power Ranger Jungle Fury. Super strict and highly disciplined, Theo has a crush on fellow ranger Lily Chiliman. He oringinally controlled the Jagaur Spirit but he has trained by Master Swoop and Lope grant him control of the Bat and Antelope Spirits/Zords. He also wields the jungle tonfus, jungle fans, and like the rest of his team, his Claw Booster.

Power Rangers: RPM

Flynn McAllistar

Blue RPM Ranger

Flynn McAllistar is a Scottish Ranger who first who was first introduced as a normal man who drove a bus fall of people to the safe confines of Corinth after the Venjix war broke out. He wields Turbo Cannon and drives the Lion hauler.

Power Rangers: Samurai/Super Samurai


Blue Samurai Ranger

Kevin(Najee De-Tiege) is structured and plays by the rules at all times. He is very big on discipline and lives by a schedule. This team gets their power from the power of the ancient kanji symbols. Kevin's symbol is the symbol of water. He wields the Hydro Bow and controls the Dragon Folding Zord.

Power Rangers Megaforce

Noah Carver

Blue Megaforce Ranger

Noah Carver was chosen to be the Megaforce Blue Ranger by Gosei who believed him worthy of the power to protect Earth alongside four other teens. He has a strong interest in science and believed himself always right and as a result lacks social skills which he later develops throughout the season. Noah is not very physically gifted, so has to constantly rely on his brain to outsmart more powerful foes especially when he chooses to isolate himself from the rest of his team, something he is willing to do to prove his worth to as a member of Megaforce. He wields a Shark Bowgun, Mega Blaster and controls the Gosei Shark Mechazord and Sea Brothers Zords.

Power Rangers Super Megaforce

Blue Super Megaforce Ranger

Noah is once again the Super Megaforce Blue Ranger who also has access to the powers and abilities of the past season of Blue Power Rangers. In Super Megaforce mode he wields the Super Mega Blaster and Super Mega Saber though in this is season he prefers the use of dual swords rather than dual guns or single sword and single gun. He would sometimes switching with Emma or Jake his blaster for their saber in the midst of combat as a way to double their effectiveness. Noah pilots the Super Mega Jet Zord though he is rarely seen doing so throughout the season.

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