If Marvel Launched An Ongoing Blue Marvel Series...

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If Marvel launched an ongoing Blue Marvel series, what would you want it to be called? I think "Blue Marvel: The Man of Marvels" sounds kinda catchy, although I also like the title of his original mini-series "Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel" Also, what types of stories would you like to see in the series? What types of villains would you want him to go up against?

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he needs to be in a team book before he gets a solo imo. 
Not enough is known about him.

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Which team book do you think he should be in?

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What's wrong with just calling it, "Blue Marvel"?
But I agree that he should probably be on a team first, get some panel time there and work up a bigger fanbase, before giving him his own series; or just give him another mini-series and see how it goes.

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I think launching a Blue Marvel solo would be a pretty terrible business decision.

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@War Killer: There's absolutely nothing wrong with just calling it "Blue Marvel," but I like how some of the Marvel heroes have taglines in their titles, like "The Invincible Iron Man" or "Daredevil: The Man Without Fear" or "The Mighty Thor."

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@moneyspider1 said:
Which team book do you think he should be in?
Avengers. It's the only logical choice, really.
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He should have cosmic adventures, since his wife is now dead.

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I would like to BM join a team, but later on, launch his own solo series called The Blue Marvel: True Master Of Might. I would like to see him square off against the Secret Empire.

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he should be in the marvel now and be put on a team or teamup with other cosmic heroes.

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eh I don't like any Superman types in 616 Marvel I liked it back when they avoided things like that. Didn't like Sentry either.

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I have a feeling they're going to do something with him again after the relaunch. They should. He has great potential, Sentry didn't because Reynolds was a fruit loop.

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@OmegaHans: Sentry did have potential. its just that Bendis wasted it, he turned him into a totally unlikeable character to the extent that when he died no one cared. what a waste.

i seem to remember a while ago someone at marvel said they have no plans for blue marvel. i thought he should be on the defenders. well, before it sucked and was cancelled.

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@scuzz2.0: Just like how Quesada and Marvel told us one thing 2 years ago about Marvelman and then left us hanging about him later; what the heck was the point with all the hype about these characters if they were just going to forget about it later? They just like to dance carrots in front of their readers.

Maybe its better if they don't, since I think its kind of been proven from experience that guys in Blue Marvel's class of powers need a certain type of writer to write them well, or else they start sucking in the MU when everyone else would rather write Spidey, Avengers Academy, X-Men, Thor, those rather stupid Hulk stories, etc. Everything's focused so much in Earth, NYC, and so on. Other chars are not given as much of a chance

Maybe that's why Surfer can't get off the ground these days either, after Greg Pak's failed attempt. The art of writing powerful heroes is waning. They had a good thing going with the space operas, and then they just deaded most of it in the water.

And it's like, don't tell me they can't sell either, because Annihilation sold, and it was different from what was going on at the time. Events these days to me are just meh.

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@OmegaHans: i totally forgot about marvel man! has there been any recent news about him?

i loved Annihilation! its my second favorite event of all time. and although i liked the series that followed (Nova & Guardians) they were nowhere as good and the other cosmic events (conquest & WOK) were mediocre at best.

it does piss me off that marvel keep lowering characters power levels. its like they only have room for Thor at the top. look what was done to Nate grey and cable, and they have been powering down wonder man for years, remember when he was supposed to be as strong as Thor? so i think that characters like Quasar, Adam Warlock, Silver Surfer and now blue marvel will either be depowered or remain in limbo which is a shame because they are awesome.

Bendis is supposed to be starting a new guardians series so we will see if he uses any of these characters but i'm guessing probably not. but who knows, maybe it will be a huge success and we will get some spin offs.

oh i almost forgot drax. they totally depowered drax!

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I would love a Blue Marvel ongoing.

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Why do new characters always have to debut in team books? Why can't they start off in a solo? I would buy the book.

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Avengers he and Cap should get along pretty well also Thor

but have a catastrophe

but SCUZZ2.0 Blue Marvel / Surfer/ Warlock / Quasar(Wendell)/ Winter Solider / Valkyrie / Domino would make a great team

don't throw them in space tho never feel off Earth comics get as popular just make them a world order that the Avenger/X-Men/Shield could run into

they could take on the Reavers/Anti Man/heralds of Galactus/Maelstrom/Lukin(give him his own organization so Germany isn't the bad guy)

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@scuzz2.0: Y'know, bottom line is they never finish what they start. Dan Abnett for instance had all these ideas he was going to do with the Annihilators, and that got cut in twain. Remember that crap Bill Rosemann had said a few years ago about how Surfer was 'the last jewel in the cosmic crown that needs to explode'. Yeah right... cut to now, how'd that go eh?

They haven't even did anything with Adam since 2010. Bendis would only use him for plot, lucky to get a couple quotes in. Just like you mentioned Nate Grey, an interesting name that will get heads turning, but ultimately only for spicing up plot device.

As for Marvelman, I heard nothing. Other than how they supposedly keeping putting it off. I don't buy the hype they peddle anymore.

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Anyone who would like to see the Blue Marvel during Marvel Now! should write (preferably hand-written letters that can't accidentally be deleted) to the following people at the following address: Axel Alonso: Editor-in-Chief/ Joe Quesada: Chief Creative Officer/ Tom Brevoort: Senior V.P. of Publishing/ Marvel Entertainment LLC 135 West 50th Street, 7th Floor New York, NY 10020 Please pass this information on to anyone else you know who is a fan of the Blue Marvel.

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What people were saying about him being on a team first.

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I'd love to see blue marvel start his own series but it might not work out so def start him on the avengers plezzzzzz plezzzz plezzzz. I'm really excited to see what could happen

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I would love to see a Blue Marvel on-going! I think it would be cool if it was launched with another mini, the title would be 'Untold Stories of the Blue Marvel.' It would chronicle the untold adventures of Blue Marvel during his time that he was no longer a "government sanction hero" but he still was involved in helping to save the world on various occasions. I would use Marvel crossover events where many of major super heroes were MIA or off world such as Infinity Gauntlet, Secret Wars, Korvac Saga, Contest Of Champions, etc. I would use this as a jump off point to tell his new adventures in present times and his history/encounters with other Marvel Characters, dealing with his depression over the death of his wife, and learning to accept his role as a hero in present times. I think his stories should initially be on earth with him encountering the Rhino, Juggernaut and other heavy hitters for early action battles and credibility that fans might want to see before building towards deeper stories such as a trip to the negative zone delving into the extent and origins of his power (and fights with Blastaar and Annihilus), encounters with Inhumans or the Eternals (while encountering Celestials), building toward either a cosmic or mystic event with any of the following Nightmare, Dormamu, Genis Vell, In-betweener, Terrax, or Kronos.

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It would be cancelled before the first issue hit the stands

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If one President (JFK) can ask Blue Marvel to retire, then why can't another (Obama) ask him to come out of retirement?-_ it would be ironic if the country's first African American President asked a "soul brother" to do so to my mind!


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I would like to see Blue Marvel become a part of the Future Foundation and help the FF with scientific matters or place him as a teacher in the Avengers Academy. There's so much you could do with this character but Marvel decided to let him rot in limbo.

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Why not a Blue Marvel limited series-just to test the waters at first? And BTW just how old is Blue Marvel supposed to be if he was old enough to have fought as a US Marine in the Korean War(the USMC didn't accept black recruits until 1942 and anyway it is at least arguable that much like Wonder Man, due to the energy that fuels his powers, Blue Marvel no longer physically ages-although he is capable of fathering children)?


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He's going to be part of the Might Avengers: http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=45933

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I don't get why he needs to be in a team book before getting his own title, but okay.

I wish he got his own title seeing as how he seems 'too big' for Mighty Avengers. He even said he's not a fan of teams and prefers to lend his power to other countries. So, there's the story right there. Then have him team up with Black Panter every now and then to get that Batman/Superman type of thing going on in Marvel? Yes, please.

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