Blue Marvel's Intelligence

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So where does the Blue Marvel fit in terms of ranking of the Marvel Universe's most intelligent people?

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much too little information about him to put him against any of Marvels characters who have displayed a higher level of intelligence.

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@Kallarkz that's not true and you know it read the original miniseries about him. He's a physicist who was able to create a stable anti matter reactor, himself and was able to figure out how to defeat his former friend and arch nemesis anti-man when the avengers finally decided to listen to him. He's up there, but why rank them all when each have there own specialty.

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He's up there with Alyssa Moy. Meaning those who know him know he is smart and on the same level as many of Marvel's smartest human, superhero characters, but writers when they make references to intelligent characters will usually ignore them and omit them from lists or such. 

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At leas t as smart as the Black Panther- so much for the racist trope that "they might not be very bright- but they sho' nuff got rhythym!"


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