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Elton Morrow was a professor exploring Antarctica when he discovered a glowing blue diamond. On his way back to the United States his ship was attacked & the box he carried was shattered. The diamond exploded & embedded itself into Elton's skin thus making him the Blue Diamond. He was a member of Liberty Legion during World War 2. When Star-Dancer traveled to Earth she gave him a body of living diamond so that he could travel through space with her. It was later revealed that it was not a diamond that gave him his powers but a piece of a Lifestone.  


Blue Diamond is a Marvel comics character created by Ben Thompson first appearing in Daring Mystery Comics #7 released in 1941. 

Powers and Abilities

Blue Diamond has diamond hard and diamond dense skin and flesh and is invulnerable to most things. He also has super-strength and enhanced stamina. He also has enhanced speed and at some point enhanced to be able to function n the vacuum of space.   

Physical Characteristics  
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 495 lbs
Hair: White
Eyes: Blue

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