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A special celebration of a quarter century of adventures of the scantily-clad sharpshooter and Femforce favorite; includes a text history of the character, a new Bill Black story of her first encounter with arch villainess Alizarin Crimson, “All Exciting Comics”, a new retro-style BB tale guest-starring the Black Terror and Rocketman, as they team up to defeat Lady Luger in the late 1940′s; “Ace of Spades” a great Golden Age Phantom Lady reprint, with art by Matt Baker (from Phantom Lady #20, October 1948 ) “The Lust Of Lady Luger” by Bill Black and Mark Heike,( Heike’s first -ever assignment done for AC/Paragon Pubs.) reprinted from Femforce Special #1, extensive photo coverage on the “Nightveil’s Nightmare Theater” video project, with still of Mary Capps as BB,plus Brad Gorby, John Beatty and Chuck Capps as featured players. Color Photo front and back covers of Mary as BB, black and white interiors.63/4′ X 93/8″ comic book format.

A reprint of a "Phantom Lady" story from Fox Comics by Matt Baker is also included in the comic book. Blue Bulleteer was originally intended to be called Phantom Lady as the rights to this character and her name had evidently lapsed into the Public Domain after Fox failed to renew the copyrights but DC Comics intervened against Bill Black, publisher, writer and editor of AC Comics, claiming they owned the copyrights. However, the exact details are STILL in contention regarding the rights so Bill Black, not wanting to lose money, simply named his incarnation Blue Bulleteer, but then again changed it to Nightveil.







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