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1. "Blue Bolt The Human Lightning Streak" - First appearance and origin of Blue Bolt, Fred Parrish Harvard Football Star is struck by lightning while running punting drills in the rain with friends. Hopping into his nearby plane he takes off for help only to be struck by another Bolt. His plane crash lands in the subterranean world of Deltos where he is revived with an injection of Radium. This when combined with the Bolts of lightning imbues Parrish with Super-Powers. He is given his Cycotron Gun and costume and appointed Deltos's protector. He Immediately battles Deltos's greatest enemy the Green Empress.
2."Dick Cole Wonder Boy"-  First appearance and origin of  Dick Cole, a student at Farr Military Academy who was adopted and raised by Professor Blair after being abandoned as an infant on his doorstep by his birth-mother, She left Dick with the Professor to be raised with his "Perfect Specimen" method since his own father was dead. Dick uses his superhuman speed and strength to handle all sorts of problems around the Military Academy.
3."Page Parks Air Hostess"-  First appearance and origin of Page Parks, Page joins Chuck Dawson and Jim Jennings on an international mail delivery from LA to Portugal, Adventure ensues. 
4."The Sub-Zero Man"-  First appearance and origin of Sub-Zero Man,  A member of a species of Men from Venus, he and his crew journey to Earth in their Super Atom ship, They encounter a strange cloud which coats the Space ship in Ice and Kills most of the Crew the Ship crash lands on Earth, Still covered in an Icy shell the sole survivor enters a nearby house and literally walks into a Atomic Ray experiment. Fearful he will be blamed for his fellow crewmen's deaths he runs from the law. Before you know it he is the area's newest superhero.
5."Sergent Spook"- While at work in the Police Crime-Lab on a chemical analysis, Sergent Spook is killed. Finding himself a transparent "Ghost" he decides to stay on the job as the World's first Phantom Lawman.
6."Old Cap Hawkin's Tales"- Tales and traditions of the Sea.
7."The White Rider and his Super Horse"-  First appearance and origin of The White Rider and His Super Horse Cloud, battle evil in the old west. Cloud is extremely smart, and White Rider is a Western Tarzan.
8."Sub-Zero's Adventures on Earth"-prose story. 
9."Pony Tracks"- Funny Cowboy strip.
10."Edison Bell Young Inventor"-  First appearance of Edison Bell, here he and a friend build a robot.
11."Steamengineer Runaway Ronson"- First appearance and origin of Runaway Ronson two-fisted Train Engineer.
12."The Phantom Sub"- Prof. Blackburn and his assistants Jack Damon and Slim Dugan, pilot an experimental Super-Sub.

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