Trying to get into Blue Beetle. Assistance por favor

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So Jamie Reyes is the Blue Beetle. He has this scabard that is alive like the Venom symbiote and he is sort of like Venom meets Iron Man?

But the scabard can take over Jamies body whenever he wants to. Is it evil then and does Jamie have to control it like Flash does with Venom?

Also are the abilities that are on his main page accurate?

Thanks all. If you are able to provide any information about the new 52 Blue Beetle id appreciate it

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Have you read the New 52 run of Blue Beetle?

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As of now in the new 52, the scarab has control over Jamie, but before the new 52, Jaime had a lot of control over it. The scarab was designed by an evil organization called the Reach but the scarab jaime recieved is defective so a humanis capable of overcoming it manipulation. The scarab isn't totally evil either which is also why it's defective.

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The scarab can activate when it wants to but it doesn't have full control due to being damaged, so it's kinda like tug-a-war between the two. I wouldn't call it evil but it just tries to do what it was programmed to do, but Jaime is trying to cooperate with it and give the scarab its own free will and teach it what the right thing to do is. Yeah, the abilities are accurate plus a hell of a lot more. Blue Beetle could also be described as Spider-Man meets Green Lantern. You should totally read the comic. IT IS AMAZING!!!

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