The Return of Ted Kord?

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Ted Kord....possibly the best of the Blue Beetles. Brave,Smart,Funny...everything you wanted to see in a hero. Problem is after some stupid writing, he got killed of, sure he came back to life and sacrificed himself and had a true hero's death, but we can all agree that we still feel a little p.oed that he is gone...........


                                                                                                                Or IS he?!??!!!

 Rest in Peace..

For those who don't know, the new Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes, was recently killed by Max Lord. I think this means something. But lets back up a bit. Ted sacrificed himself after Booster Gold brought him from the past to fix the damage to the time stream. This makes it seem like he is gone for good, but it is later shown that someone entered one of his
Wuh oh !
labs late a night, someone who even does the signature BWAH HA HA HA laugh.  Ted was shown reborn as a Black Lantern during Blackest Night, but I think this may be a cover up for something. Maybe Ted isn't dead, maybe something in the time stream got loopy and Ted somehow was able to survive. I don't know how this is possible, but maybe it's something like in a video game and reality "glitched" and made a copy of Ted? So if this is true and Ted is alive, then what is the use of Jaime. No offense to him,he is a great character and I do think that all Ted Kord fans would read the Blue Beetle books if they get the chance.  Now lets get back to where I was before with Jaime's death.....what if Jaime dying is opening up the return of Ted. It would be perfect.....Max Lord is alive and Ted's protege is killed, perfect revenge story, mix it in with all of his old friends, it makes for the perfect return of Ted, him avenging the death of a close friend, and showing his closest buddies that he isn't really dead. With the right writer and artist, I think this return could be perfect, and with someone like Ted, he could be brought back into the Dc Universe with ease, maybe going back to Chicago or something.

I know this is wishful thinking, but with Jaime dead, we need another Beetle, why not bring back the best?
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Ted Kord's really the only character I've ever really wanted to come back from the dead in the DCU. If the crew down at DC could be kind enough to muster up enough creativity to pull off a good come-back story arc for him, I'd totally read it. 

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@Dracade102: who are the ones you want to remain dead?
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@Primmaster64: Pretty much everyone else, off the top of my head. Elongated Man & Sue, Mirror Master I, Alexander Luthor, Psycho Pirate, Aqualad, Captain Boomerang II, Prometheus, etc.
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@Dracade102: he did come back in booster gold for a few issues...he actually started messing up the timeline, so, like the hero he is, he went back to correct history
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I miss Ted. :(

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@Icarusflies:  i will say though, even though i miss ted...i LOOOOOOVE Jaime....great character
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Jaime isn't my cup of tea...TED is my boy and I'm bringing him me do it!!! use above addy or search ted kord on

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