Honest Blue Beetle #1 Opinions

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Khaji Da, or Khaji Dont?

What do you guys honestly think about the Blue Beetle relaunch. I honestly like it, I am just very annoyed that he is an a$$ to his parents. I see promise in the series, but if he doesn't have a good relationship with his friends and family...I may have a problem with it.

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I loved the first issue and can't wait for the second! My Marvel friend who read Blue Beetle for the first time is also excited. And while he seemed like an @$$ to his parents, that what teenagers do sometimes. No matter how much we love each other, there will be times where we don't agree on something and get upset. That makes it realistic. And Bedard has stated that Jaime, Paco, and Brenda are at the time of their lives where it would seem like they could go in separate directions so we get to see their relationships as they try to stay together basically. Khaji-Da!

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I was annoyed because they erazed his history and the connection to previous Beetle. The stories about "teen stumbling upon cool alien artifact" work only if it's humor/parody.

#4 Posted by Izaiah (5184 posts) - - Show Bio
Everyone gets mad at their parents every once in a while.  It doesn't necessarily mean that Jaime now has a bad relationship with his parents all of sudden. 
On another note, I dislike how it appears that the Beetle artifact now is part of ancient Mesoamerican history rather than ancient Egyptian...
#5 Posted by Superguy0009e (2265 posts) - - Show Bio

@Rixec: true..idk, i havent been able to read the older series (I REALLY DO) i just hope he doesnt turn into a douche character...

#6 Posted by Rixec (361 posts) - - Show Bio

@Superguy0009e: I doubt he'll be a douche character. He'll probably do douche things sometimes - everyone does it at least once in their lives (especially teenagers) - but he'll still be awesome.

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